My work is an exploration of nature. Working directly from the landscape, I paint the sublime I experience in nature: shifts of light, shape, color. Finding a language to describe what I see and leading a viewer to see likewise—in my work and in turn, in the natural world—is the measure of my success.

My eye is just drawn to places in the landscape. Light playing across a meadow, huge clouds towering over the lake, it’s always captivating to me. Sometimes I wonder how many times I can paint a cloud over a lake, but so far it’s new to me every time. And I think that it is on this subject matter that my work is starting to move away from the literal … expressing more of the emotion of what I’m looking at, not just the imagery.

~ Angela Saxon

Warm Springs Gallery

12 Katydid Trail
Warm Springs, VA 24484

Gallery Hours
Thursday, Friday & Saturday • 11 am – 5 pm
Sunday • 11 am – 3 pm

Café Hours
Thursday – Sunday • 11 am – 3 pm

Sixth Annual Bath County
Plein Air Festival

October 1–7, 2018

For seven days artists will paint picturesque scenes throughout Bath County. Visitors and locals will have the unique opportunity to observe artists as they paint on location.

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